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Dennerle 600 Space Reusable CO2 Set

Dennerle Plant Fertilizer Set Reusable 600 Space: + Dennerle reusable CO2-bottle 2000g with stand. + pressure reducer Evolution Space, with solenoid valve. + CO2-supply unit Maxi Flipper. + CO2-Special non-return valve.

Dennerle 600 Space Reusable CO2 Set

Dennerle 600 Space Reusable CO2 Set

Reusable set, night cut-off valve for up to 600 L
  325.90 EUR 

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  • Dennerle Plant Fertilizer Set Reusable 600 Space:
    + Dennerle reusable CO2 bottle 2000g with stand
    + pressure reducer Evolution Space, with solenoid valve
    + CO2 supply unit Maxi Flipper
    + CO2 Special non-return valve
    + CO2 hose Softflex, 2m
    + CO2 Long-term test Correct +ph
    + CO2 Special Indicator
    + PerfectPlant System Set (E15 FerActiv, V30 Complete, S7 VitaMix)

    CO2 fertilizsation in an aquarium has many advantages:

    Part of the CO2 which dissolves in water forms carbonic acid. This means that CO2 can be used to set the pH value (acid content) of the aquarium water to ideal levels for fish and plants, similarly to those which prevail in nature. Aquarium fish are particularly fond of slightly acidic water. It has a positive effect on their highly sensitive skin. Trace elements which are important for plants and fish are taken in more effectively. Unsightly lime deposits are avoided on plant leaves (biogenic decalcification). Good plant growth = no algae. In aquaria with strong growing aquatic plants, troublesome algae have practically no chance. Nutrients conducive to algae growth, such as phosphates and nitrates, are absorbed immediately by the plants. Plant growth starts to flag when CO2 is lacking, however. Surplus nutrients are no longer consumed quickly enough. This is the chance for algae, as they need only the most minimal amounts of CO2. That’s why a good stock of plants and regular CO2 fertilization are among the most important measures to prevent algae.

    Dennerle CO2 reusable system -the classic method of CO2 fertilization. With reusable CO2 cylinder. The CO2 cylinder will be bought once and again and again refilled. Ideal when there is a CO2 filling station nearby. Particularly suitable for very large aquaria and aquaria with a high CO2 requirement. With the enclosed CO2 pressure reducer Evolution Space with only one adjusting knob you can set very easy and exact the CO2 supply to the aquarium. With dynamic valve control (DVC) for constant bubble numbers. The pressure reducer has a integrated solenoid valve for night switch off of the CO2 system, as well as a status LED. The valve operates with 9V security voltage. With an adapter (accessorie) it is possible to use disposable CO2 bottles with this CO2 system.

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