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Dennerle ThreadAlgaeKill Rapid

Dennerle ThreadAlgaeKill Rapid

Dennerle ThreadAlgaeKill Rapid

immediately effective against thread algae
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 500 g 15.29 EUR (30.58 €/kg) 
 1000 g 21.29 EUR (21.29 €/kg) 

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  • Dennerle ThreadAlgaeKill Rapid provides a swift and simple means of killing off irksome thread algae, which tend to grow around the edge of the pond or float at large mats on the surface of the water. The powder is sprinkled directly onto the algae. The active oxygen which is released destroys the algae cells. The dead algae are broken down by the bacteria living in the pond. The active component hydrogen peroxide quickly decomposes completely into oxygen and water.

    + Active oxygen acts on thread algae immediately
    + The active component decomposes into water and oxygen
    + The dead algae are broken down by the bacteria living in the pond
    + Even stubborn thread algae die off within 24-48 hours
    + No copper, no organic herbicides

    Dosage for Dennerle ThreadAlgaeKill Rapid:
    25g up to max. 50g for 1000 l of pond water. Do not overdose. Use algicides with due care. Always read markings and product information before use.

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