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Dupla Gel-o-Drops Krill USA

Dupla Gel-O-Drops Krill is a nutritious food for fish, rich in essential proteins, omega-3 fatty acids, antioxidants, and carotenoids.

Dupla Gel-o-Drops Krill

Dupla Gel-o-Drops Krill

jelly food with Krill
alternative to frozen food
does not disintegrate in water
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  • What makes Dupla Gel-O-Drops Krill so healthy and nutritious for your fish? Krill are tiny, shrimp-like crustaceans found in the world's oceans, and are a natural food source for many sea creatures, including fish. Krill is packed with high quality proteins that are essential for animal growth. In addition, krill is an excellent source of omega-3 fatty acids, especially EPA (eicosapentaenoic acid) and DHA (docosahexaenoic acid). These fatty acids promote health, strengthen the immune system and improve the basic functions of your fish. The naturally occurring carotenoids in Dupla Gel-o-Drops Krill, especially astaxanthin, enhance the colours of your fish. In addition, krill contains a wealth of antioxidants that help protect your animals' cells from harmful free radicals. This supports the longevity and vitality of your aquarium creatures. The abundant dietary fibres contained in the chitinous shells of the crustaceans are also an essential part of the diet provided by Dupla Gel-o-Drops Krill. Although these are not digestible, they nevertheless stimulate the fish's digestion by creating an optimal breeding ground for beneficial digestive bacteria. Fibre helps to prevent obesity and digestive disorders and is therefore an essential part of a balanced diet for aquarium inhabitants. Dupla Gel-o-Drops Krill is equally suitable and beneficial for feeding both freshwater and saltwater aquarium animals.

    Dupla Gel-o-Drops is a jelly food for daily feeding of ornamental fish. The innovative Dupla Gel-o-Drops 24 are made from a special food jelly which is perfect for daily feeding of all tropical ornamental fish large and small. The innovative fish food is also ideal as a treat in between and ensures lots of interaction with the keeper and feeding fun for fish. The drops have an impressive high content of essential vitamins, high-quality protein yields, minerals and natural colour enhancers and keep your aquarium inhabitants fit and vital. The easy and individually removable food portions allow you to determine the amount of food very precisely to prevent overfeeding the animals and adding excess nutrients to the aquarium. The sterile and aseptic packaging keeps the food fresh for a long time. The Dupla Gel-o-Drops 24 stay fresh for 24 months unrefrigerated. The special formula of the unique drops almost completely prevents excess nutrients from being released into water to reduce the risk of excessive water pollution and associated problems such as unwanted algae growth. The food jelly is accepted very well by fish, shrimp, etc.

    Dupla Gel-o-Drops Krill
    + suitable for all tropical ornamental fish large and small
    + innovative and special feed jelly
    + perfect for daily feeding
    + also suitable as a treat in between
    + ensures a lot of interaction and feeding fun for the fish
    + can replace frozen food 100%
    + high in essential vitamins, high-quality proteins, minerals and natural colour enhancers
    + keeps aquarium inhabitants fit and vital
    + easy dosing thanks to individually removable food portions
    + stays fresh for a long time - shelf life 24 months unrefrigerated
    + special formula almost completely prevents excess nutrients from being released into water
    + reduces the risk of excessive water pollution and associated problems such as unwanted algae growth
    + accepted extremely well by fish, shrimp, etc.
    + also ideal for feeding animals in marine aquariums

    Feeding recommendation Dupla Gel-o-Drops Krill:
    1-2 times daily one drop for 5 - 10 fish, depending on size of the animals and the stock. Simply add the drops to the aquarium where they are clearly visible or use the optional Dupla Gel-o-Drops Holder to attach them to the aquarium glass. The fish will feed on the food throughout the day. The special formula prevents excess nutrients from being released into the water.

    Ingredients: Water, Krill, EC-approved antioxidants
    Technological additives: Carrageenan, xanthan gum, locust bean gum

    Analytical constituents: Crude protein 3.4 %, Raw fat 1.3 % Moisture content 90.0 %, Ash 1.3 %

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    Dupla Gel-o-Drops Krill
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