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Easy-Life Water Test Potassium K

Easy-Life Water Test Potassium K

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  • Easy-Life Water Test Potassium is a very accurate test for determining the potassium level in freshwater aquaria. Potassium is an important macronutrient for plant growth. A potassium deficiency is often mistaken for an iron deficiency. Potassium deficiency causes leaves to turn yellow and poor plant growth so it is important to regularly check the potassium levels and make up the deficiency with Easy-Life Kalium-Potassium.

    Recommended use: the optimal level for potassium is 10 -15 mg/L. Make up the potassium deficiency if the level is 5 mg/L or lower. A potassium level of 25 mg/L or higher could inhibit the absorption of other nutrients.

    Easy-Life Water Test Potassium:
    + user-friendly and reliable
    + color test with color test with easy-to-read color chart
    + Measuring range from 0 to 25 mg/l (ppm) Potassium
    + 1 testkit accounts for 50 tests
    + for freshwater aquariums

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    at 11.11.2015:
    Very good test and accurate results
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