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Hydor Prime 30 -External filter-

Hydor Prime 30 -External filter-

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  • The Hydor Prime 30 is a comfortably and durably external filter for aquaria from 200 l up to 450 litres content. Problem-free operation for many years and a perfect and efficient filtration are the characteristics of this aquarium filter. Easy to install thanks to the patented self-priming system, the Hydor Prime 30 guarantees a crystal clear filtration that takes dirt and debris out of the aquarium. The intake tube is equipped with an indicator system which allows you to monitor the need of cleaning very easily. The Hydor Prime 30 is suitable for use in both fresh and marine water. Useful features, like the rotatable stoping valves and the large filter medium container with transportation handle makes cleaning works very easily. All neccesary accessories are included in the package for a immediately beginning.

    technical data Hydor Prime 30 -External filter-:
    - for aquaria from 200 up to 450 litres content
    - Power consumption 230 V/50Hz 30 W (other wattages on request)
    - Pump output: 900 l/h
    - Filter volume: 5.0 l
    - height: 365 mm
    - height with taps: 455 mm
    - diameter: 195 mm
    - rotatable stopping taps
    - incl. filter media
    - incl. accessories (hoses, pipes, suction cups, etc.)
    - indicator system for cleaning
    - for fresh and marine water suitable

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  • Reviews for Hydor Prime 30 -External filter-:
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    at 21.05.2016:
    Gutten Tag/Abend..

    Well Well.. Looks like I'm the first to review this Canister filter.. ;)

    I Can Only Say: Hydor did learned the lesson.. Very Well Actually..

    They Have Studied EVERY Single bit of the EHEIM Classic Series..

    They Done a Full Reverse-Engineering on the EHEIM Classic family..
    What are the Negative's and what are the Plus's .. Where and How Could we make Our Score..

    - The Overall design of the Top.. (Hydor Wins here) ..
    - Having a Stand alone Pump "Hidden" in the Top..
    - Locking the Top to the Canister body.
    - the Canister body Itself.. (Hydor is more Solid and is off Better Materials than EHEIM)..
    - Pump Power ... Just Wow.. Hydor Simply Wins.. As Most people Likes Powerful Pumps more than Low Flow ones..

    - You'll Need to Spend allot on the Bare/Naked EHEIM Classic, buying Double-Taps Connectors, Media, .. etc. Just to be Inline with The Hydor Prime Family.. It'll then be Twice the Cost of "Has-Everything" Hydor-Prime Counterpart..

    - Hydor Spares are Far Cheaper than EHEIM's ..

    - Super-Easy Priming... in the EHEIM Classic.. I HATE To Suck Tank Water with mouth.. :(
    Sucking Ammonia/Nitrite/Nitrate is "No Way" ..

    Don't get me wrong.. I Just Like The Word "EHEIM" allot.. EHEIM to me -Simply- means Quality .. auf bitte.. ;)

    ... Still my mid Size Tank with the Prime 30 under Test... But So Far, I Just Like it allot..

    .. Well.. I Hope i did a "Kinda" Fair review..
    Hopefully will be able to add more comments to this review as the Prime 30 gets Older in Service..

    Danke.. und mfg..

    at 04.02.2017:
    У меня три канистры .Одна 20 и .две 30.Гудят как танки.Заборные трубки .пропускают воздух.У одной канистры сломался импеллер. .Очень неудобный запуск с заливкой воды в горловину. Лучше купить один EHEIM 2217 !