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JBL CombiBloc e1500/1

JBL CombiBloc e1500/1

JBL CombiBloc e1500/1

Pre-filter pads+ fine filter sponge
  12.30 EUR 

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  • JBL CombiBloc is a set of high quality foam pads of differing pore size for the Combi filter basket. The large-pored pads serve as a mechanical pre-filter insert. The T-profile retains coarse pollutant particles, whilst maintaining the ideal flow rate. This protects the underlaying biological filter materials from becoming unnecessarily soiled. The medium-pored JBL CombiBloc pad filters biologically through colonisation by cleansing bacteria. The fine-pored pad retains any particles of dirt which might damage the pump, as well as filtering biologically. Package content: 4 pads 10 ppi, 1 pad 20 ppi, 1 pad 30 ppi suitable for the external filter JBL CristalProfi e1500 and e1501.

    JBL recommendation:
    - Cleaning: large-pored pads approx. every 8 weeks, medium-pored pad every 6 months, fine-pored pad about every 4 months
    - Replace: after cleaning two or three times

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    JBL CombiBloc e1500/1
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