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JBL ProCristal Compact UV-C 11 W

JBL ProCristal Compact UV-C.

JBL ProCristal Compact UV-C 11 W

JBL ProCristal Compact UV-C 11 W

UV-C sterilizer, with reflector, for up to 200 L
  104.90 EUR 

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  • JBL ProCristal Compact UV-C
    + cristal-clear and healthy water: 11 W UV-C clarifier for the quick and efficient elimination of greenish and whitish clouding in freshwater and marine aquariums
    + space-saving assembly: connect to external filter. Inlet and outlet are positioned for practical use. Shortest installation length: 42 cm
    + germ-killing UVC radiation, reduces risk of infection, no change to the water values, no effect on cleansing bacteria in the filter
    + German TÜV tested, safety switch: automatically switches UV-C lamp off when device is opened. Sturdy, UV-resistant casing, 2-glass design
    + package content: complete UV-C device, 2 m cable, UV-C lamp 11 W, socket: G23, wall mount, screws, nozzle hose connections for 12 - 19 mm hoses

    technical data JBL ProCristal Compoact UV-C 11 W
    + for aquariums from 100- 200 l by cloudiness
    + for aquariums from 200-800 l for partial sterilization (bacteria)
    + recommended flow rate: 200-500 l/h
    + total length of the unit: 36.5 cm
    + vertically or horizontally installation
    + 2 m power cable
    + UV-C bulb 11 W, socket: G23
    + suitable for fresh and marine water

    The new JBL ProCristal Compact UV-C water clarifier is a further development of the previous water clarifier from JBL. The new device is much more compact and therefore more space-saving in the installation. The total length is now only 36.5 cm. Like the previous version, the new JBL ProCristal Compact UV-C has the UV-resistant housing with glass bulb and reflector foil for more efficiency.

    The aquarium or pond water is channelled in a thin stream through a special water-tight casing past a UVC compact lamp. A glass sleeve with a reflective foil, installed in the casing ensures an optimized efficiency. This protects the plastic casing from destruction by the UVC radiation. The UVC rays penetrate the water as it flows through, destroying algae cells, bacteria, fungal spores as well as freely floating stages of single-celled parasitic animals, and contribute to the inactivation of viruses. Thus cloudiness caused by bacteria and floating algae is successfully eliminated. The spread of stubborn algae, such as thread algae, can also be reduced as its spores are destroyedto a large extent. The water treatment through radiation also improves the health of the fish as the level of germs in the water is reduced, decreasing the risk of infection. The physical principle of radiation causes absolutely no change to the water values and has no negative effect on the cleansing bacteria in the filter, which are vital for the breakdown of pollutants.

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