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JBL Substrate Heater ProTemp b60

JBL Substrate Heater ProTemp b60

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  • JBL ProTemp b60 is a Substrate Heater for aquaria with an lenght of more than 150 cm and approx. 300-600 l water volume. This heating cable heats up slightly, thereby generating nearly natural nutrient seeps through thermal water circulation and promoting lush growth of aquarium water plants.

    Special features JBL ProTemp b60 Substrate Heater:
    + Optimum supplying of nutrients due to slow thermal water circulation in the substrate.
    + Creates so-called nutrient seeps in the substrate, similar to the natural habitat of the aquatic plants.
    + This encourages root growth, thereby leading to magnificent plant growth.
    + The substrate becomes a gigantic biological filter.
    + Combining the substrate heater with JBL AquaBasis plus as a nutrient substrate and JBL Manado as the top layer guarantees best results.
    + 12 V Safety Extra Low Voltage for safe use in aquariums.
    + Silicone-covered heating cable with an energy-efficient electronic transformer.

    technical Data JBL ProTemp b60:
    + for aquaria with an lenght of more than 150 cm, approx. 300-600 l water
    + heating capacity: 60 watts
    + length heating cable: 9.0 m
    + length of cold cable: 2x 2.50 m
    + 40 suction cups
    + 12 Safety extra low voltage
    + electronically transformator
    + 4 years warranty

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    at 07.01.2016:
    Very good product it helps my plants to grow very good and to have a live substrate.