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Juwel Aqua Clean

Juwel Aqua Clean

Juwel Aqua Clean

filter- and gravel cleaner
  17.49 EUR 

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  • The Juwel Aqua Clean is the ideal tool to clean your filter and the interior ground floor of your aquarium. Thanks to the intake manifold individually combinable the Juwel Aqua Clean is suitbale for aquariums with a height of up to 60 cm. Besides the easy cleaning of the aquarium ground, allowing the Juwel Aqua Clean, thanks to special adaptor, the convenient cleaning your internal filter into the last corner. By slight shaking movements activates the Quick-start system the flow of water and the dirt is transported without the hassle of aspiration into the bucket. An integrated check valve stops the water flow as needed, allowing an easy cleaning of the interruption.

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    at 14.11.2016:
    Sehr ausgereifte Funktion durch den Absperrhahn. Leider ist das bei den Juwel Aquarien nicht so ganz nützlich, weil man hier bei den größeren Becken leider immer die Querstreben hat. Somit muss man die Glocke komplett aus dem Wasser nehmen und fängt von vorne an! Etwas sperrig in der Handhabung.

    at 13.04.2017:
    The most convenient, quality siphon.