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PREIS Coral-V-Power

PREIS Coral-V-Power

PREIS Coral-V-Power

pulverised food for all corals
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  • PREIS Coral-V-Power is a pulverised food for all the corals with small and medium polyps, as well as for other filter feeders, such as mussels and gorgonians. It contains not only proteinogenic amino acids, such as arginine, glycine, leucine, niacin, riboflavine, but also fatty acids Omega-3 and Cyclop-Eeze® with at least 3000 ppm of astaxanthene (carotenoid), vital minerals and trace elements (anhydrous). The Cyclop-Eeze considerably activates the function of the corals phagocytes and the amino acids not only protect the mucus of the corals (tentacles, polyps), but they help its renewal. When PREIS Coral-V-Power is regularly provided, vivid colouring is promoted. On a long-term basis and especially by hard corals, minerals and trace elements forward thriving. Coral-V-Power, a coral feed for the most demanding among us.

    Dosage:For a 600L reef aquarium with a high population of corals, add a measure of Coral-V-Power 2 to 3 times per week.

    Use:If there is enough current, Coral-V-Power can be directly added in front of the pump.
    2nd alternative: Mix some salt water with Coral-V-Power in order to obtain a paste and feed it directly to some corals or let the creamy liquid run into the aquarium.
    3rd alternative: Once or twice per week, mix 1 teaspoon of Preis Microplan together with some Coral V-Power and some salt water until you get a solution and put it directly into the aquarium.

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