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Schego Titanheizer

Schego Titanheizer

Schego Titanheizer

made from titanium
 50 W 31.90 EUR 
 75 W 31.90 EUR 
 100 W 31.90 EUR 
 150 W 33.20 EUR 
 200 W 33.20 EUR 
 250 W 33.20 EUR 
 300 W 33.20 EUR 
 600 W 45.50 EUR 

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  • The SCHEGO Titanium heater is shatterproof and absolutely sea-water resistant. Titanium delivers the warmth substantially better to the water than conventional glass heating staffs. For the professional application in the fresh and sea water aquarium. The heating staff is grounded and corresponds to the high VDE standard. The SCHEGO Titanium heater can be placed in any position under water, also fully submersed.

    technical Data SCHEGO Titanium heater:
    Length of the models 50 W to 300 W: 250 mm
    Length of the 600 W model: 350 mm
    Diameter: 25 mm
    Cable length: 1,5 m
    electrical connection: 230 V 50 Hz (other voltages on request)
    The heater is unregulated it is recommended to use the SCHEGO Controller TR 1000

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    at 23.12.2015:
    Top quality product.

    at 05.03.2016:
    Very happy with this heater far superior to the glass ones I was using before

    at 17.09.2016:
    Very good heaters, Super reliable and very quick at heating. Wouldn't use any other type now.

    at 13.04.2017:
    Glass heaters last century, in titanium higher efficiency and they are eternal.