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Sera Flagellol

Sera Flagellol

Sera Flagellol

agianst intestinal parasites
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  • Sera Flagellol is a very effective remedy agianst intestinal parasites (Spirunucleus/Hexamita) and hole-in-th-head disease in the freshwater aquarium. Aquarists who keep discus fish and other large cichlids know the problem: Whitish, slimy fish waste, darkening and lesions in the head region, known as hole-in-the-head disease. The cause of these obvious symptoms: Flagellates from the genera Spironucleus and Hexamita that dwell in the intestines. From now on, aquarists have with sera Flagellol a highly effective treatment against these dangerous pathogens at hand: sera med Professional Flagellol is very well tolerated and not only safely and reliably removes all parasites in the fish intestines, but also in their encapsulated stadiums (cysts).

    Background: A new combination of active agents in sera Flagellol makes use of a thiazole and menadione, known as vitamin K3. The scientists from Heinsberg/Germany found out that this combination guarantees considerably better results than the single agents – both agents work synergistically when combined. The flagellates are reliably killed after only about 24 hours. Patent is already applied for the new active agent combination.

    Dosage for sera Flagellol:
    Add one times 1 ml sera Flagellol per each 40 litres of aquarium water. Distribute the treatment on the watrer surface from the dosage cup while stirring it into the aquarium with a spoon or a staff. Aerate the aquarium well during treatment, switch off UV lamps, do not filter through active carbon, remove ion exchangers. Biological filters may remain in operation, but should be cleaned before treatment in case of heavy pollution. Duration of treatment: 3 to 7 (in case of heavy infestation) days. Carry out a water change of at least 80% afterwards. If turbidity occurs during treatment due to multiplication of useful bacteria, carry out a water change of 80% immediately and redose if necessary.

    Composition per 100 ml: 5-Nitro-1,3-thiazol-2-ylazane 14 g, ascorbic acid palmitate, menadione sodium bisulfite.

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    at 22.12.2015:
    Habe Sera Flagellol auf Verdacht gekauft (Fressunlust, weißer Kot) und es hat bei meinen Diskus direkt geholfen! Natürlich sollte man immer auch die eigentliche Ursache der Darmflagellate abstellen, bei mir waren es leider die Wasserwerte.

    at 07.11.2016:
    Excellent product,highly recommended....saved my discus....ideal to keep one in stock,in case....better to isolate the fish,raise the temperature and use sera ed flagellol....