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Sera Marin Gourmet Nori

Sera Marin Gourmet Nori

Sera Marin Gourmet Nori

natural marine macro algae
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  • sera marin gourmet Nori is an optimal nutrient additive and a healthy treat consisting of 100% natural, easily digestible marine macro algae (Nori) with a high natural level of high quality protein, highly unsaturated fatty acids and many vitamins. It is rich in iodine and other important trace elements.

    Tip: sera marin gourmet nori is also readily eaten by herbivorous freshwater fish and crustaceans.

    Feeding instructions sera marin gourmet nori:
    We recommend daily addition of sera marin gourmet nori to the staple foods sera granumarin or sera GVG-mix marin. Feed only sparingly in freshwater aquariums.

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