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Sera Wels-Chips

Sera Wels-Chips

Sera Wels-Chips

with willow and alder wood
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 100 ml 2.99 EUR (29.90 €/L) 
 250 ml 5.98 EUR (23.92 €/L) 
 1000 ml 12.79 EUR (12.79 €/L) 

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  • sera Wels-Chips is a special food for any suckermouth and rasping mouth catfish. It takes into account that many catfishes like to rasp off their food. sera Wels-Chips remain stable in the aquarium for a long time.

    Sole food for all ancistrus and L numbered catfishes - modelled on the nature. Feed it economically once a day, in case of night active catfish prefer evening feeding.

    sera Wels-Chips contain cereals, fishmeal, spinach, lucerne, spirulina, marine algae, willow wood with bark, alder wood.

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  • Reviews for Sera Wels-Chips:
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    at 07.12.2015:
    Die Wels-Chips sinken sehr schnell zu Boden und werden von den Harnischwelsen sehr gern gefressen. Das Wasser wird nicht verunreinigt, da die Chips, auch wenn sie etwas länger liegen, nicht zerfallen.

    at 18.03.2016:
    Best food for "Silver Dollars"

    at 06.01.2017:
    мои лорикариевые сомы L-144, L-181 очень любят эти чипсы. рекомендую.

    My catfish Loricariidae L-144, L-181 are very fond of these chips. I recommend.