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Sera floredepot

Sera floredepot

Long-term gravel substrate with growth promoter
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 2,40 kg 8.49 EUR (3.54 /kg) 
 4,70 kg 11.99 EUR (2.55 /kg) 

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  • sera floredepot is a long-term gravel substrate with growth promoter for freshwater aquariums. The 2.4 kg bucket is sufficient for a 60 litre aquarium, the 4.7 kg bucket for a 100 litre aquarium. sera floredepot contains essential nutrients and trace elements and should be used with new aquarium set-ups and larger rearrangements. During the first 4 weeks sera floredepot provides the plants with everything they need in order to form strong roots and lush green leaves. sera floredepot is free from nitrate and phosphate.

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