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Sera vipan Staple Food 2x1000 ml

Sera vipan Staple Food 2x1000 ml

Sera vipan Staple Food 2x1000 ml

staple food for all ornamental fish
 2x1000 ml 12.99 EUR 

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  • sera vipan is the universal staple food consisting of carefully manufactured flakes for all fish, especially for those that eat at the water surface. The carefully selected ingredients with prebiotic effect enhance health and liveliness. Since the tasty and shape retaining flakes float for a long time they are eaten entirely and do not pollute the water. The balanced, wholesome composition ensures nutrition close to nature and supports healthy development, splendid appearance and natural behavior.

    Depending on the fish species, the food often also differs concerning ist floating or sinking behavior and ist soaking quickness in the water. The food accordingly gets into the correct water layer where it is eaten as in nature. It gets ist ideal consistency attractive for the fish at the same time. Instead of simply polluting the water, the food keeps ist shape and remains attractive for the fish for a long time even in case of accidental overfeeding. Of course, every fish species has ist own preferred food size and shape – we picked that up from nature as well.

    Special Offer: 2x sera vipa 1000 ml (=2000 ml) for a special price. The best before end date is approx 3 years.

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  • Reviews for Sera vipan Staple Food 2x1000 ml:
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    at 28.03.2016:
    Muy buena comida en copos para cualquier tipo de pez tropical. Mis discos la devoran y les gusta mucho.

    at 29.03.2016:
    Very good flake food for our tropical fish. They love and fight over eat it . Recommended

    at 06.01.2017:
    отличный корм для всех рыб которые кормятся у поверхности

    great food for all fish that feed near the surface