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Tetra Cichlid Granules

Tetra Cichlid Granules

Tetra Cichlid Granules

Staple food for cichlides
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  • Tetra Cichlid Granules is a substantial food mix consisting of 2 different granules for a varied and balanced diet of medium-sized cichlids. The granules are ideal for any kind of cichlids. They contain any nutrients, vitamins and trace elements essential for rich colourfulness and high resistance.

    Recommended feeding for Tetra Cichlid Granules:
    Feed the fish several times a day with only as much food as the fish can consume within a few minutes.

    Crude protein: 44 %
    Crude fat: 11 %
    Crude fibre: 2 %
    Crude ash: 9 %
    Water: 8 %

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  • Reviews for Tetra Cichlid Granules:
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    at 01.02.2016:
    Now this is the feed i use as primary feed for my cichlids and have done so for years. It has a good nutritional value and the pellet durability is quite good. If you like to soak your feed before feeding, you WILL loose nutrients and dirty the water with this feed, just like with many other feeds, so no news there.
    Being a scientist who works with fish nutrition myself, i can surely recommend this feed!