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Tetra Crusta AquaSafe

Tetra Crusta AquaSafe

Tetra Crusta AquaSafe

makes tap water safe for crustaceans
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 100 ml 4.39 EUR (4.39 €/100 ml) 

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  • Tetra Crusta AquaSafe makes tap water safe for crustaceans.

    + makes tap water habitable in an instant
    + harmful substances in tap water are neutralised: chlorine is eliminated: heavy metals such as copper, zinc and lead are completely and permanently neutralised
    + beneficial substances are added: iodine for vitality, vitamin B for stress and magnesium for healthy moulting

    Dosage for Tetra Crusta AquaSafe:
    Add 5ml for each 10 litres of aquarium water for new setup or during water change.

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