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Tropical Dafnia Vitaminized USA

Tropical Daphnia Vitaminized are sun-dried Daphnia enriched with vitamins, ideal for smaller fish species and improving intestinal peristalsis.

Tropical Dafnia Vitaminized

Tropical Dafnia Vitaminized

sun-dried daphnia
riched with vitamins
for all ornamental fish
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  • Tropical Daphnia Vitaminized are sun-dried Daphnia, enriched with added vitamins. The Tropical Natural Line are foods that include invertebrates. Their valuable nutritional properties have been preserved through freeze-drying or drying processes. As a result, they retain their nutritional and taste qualities, while posing no threat from pathogens and pathogenic organisms. Beautiful and healthy fish in an aquarium is the result of many factors. One of the most important is a well-balanced and tailored diet for the fish. The use of high-quality foods not only provides fish with the necessary nutrients, but also protects the aquarium from overloading with metabolic products. Tropical foods are made from the highest quality natural raw materials. The recipe of each of them is the quintessence of many years of experience, knowledge and love for aquarium fish. Daphnia (daphnia) are small freshwater crustaceans, belonging to the suborder Cladocera. Sourced from clear waters and dried in the sun, Daphnia are a valuable nutritional supplement and dietary enrichment. It is often the staple food of fish in the wild, this is especially true for smaller species or growing fry. Daphnia are rich in protein and healthy fats, and are also a valuable source of chitin - a ballast substance that improves intestinal peristalsis and prevents constipation in fish. In addition, the food has been additionally enriched with a set of vitamins, which significantly affects the vitality and longevity of fed animals.

    Tropical Dafnia Vitaminized
    + natural, protein-rich food enriched with a set of vitamins
    + ideal food for smaller fish species
    + improves intestinal peristalsis, prevents bloating

    Feeding recommendation for Tropical Dafnia Vitaminized:
    Feed the fish several times a day using small portions. Powder the food for small, young fish and fry.

    Ingredients: sun-dried water fleas (Daphnia pulex).

    Additives (per kg): Vitamins: vitamin A 40 000 IU, vitamin D3 300 IU, vitamin E 240 mg, vitamin C 1 800 mg.

    Analytical constituents: crude protein 41.0%, crude oils and fats 6.2%, crude fibres 5.0%, moisture 10.0%

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    Tropical Dafnia Vitaminized
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