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Buy Aquarium Supplies, Aquarium Equipment & Accessories for your freshwater or saltwater fish tank online.
Aquarium Online Shop with 150,000 customers worldwide!

  • Shipping costs start from 12.90€ to all EU countries.
    EU EU (12.90€ shipping costs, 120,000 customers ↑)

  • Located in Germany we are one of the biggest Aquarium Online Stores in Europe.

  • Quality brands like EHEIM EHEIM, Fluval Fluval, JBL JBL, Dennerle Dennerle & many more. Best prices!

  • Freshwater & Saltwater. LED Lighting.

  • 20 years experience, fast delivery: HAPPY-DISKUS Aquaristikshop

We are located in Germany and supply online aquarium products like Aquarium Equipment, Filters, LED Lighting and many other quality products from the leading brands: EHEIM, Fluval, JBL and many more. Our online shop has just everything for your freshwater or saltwater aquarium!

Aquarium Supplies new & Bestseller

839.00 €*
Aquarium with curved front glass 960 L
4.95 €*
ZooBest Magic Clear Aqaurium Filter Fleece Mat
removes even the smallest suspended particles
from 2.95 €*
ZooBest Micro Filter Fleece Mat
150 ml capacity, 2 feedings a day
29.95 €*
sera XS-Feeder Automatic Feeder

for individual cutting
from 5.95 €*
ZooBest Active Carbon Filter Mat
suction cup complete with clip
7.95 €*
SCHEGO Replacement Suction Cups for Heater
219.95 €*
Aquarium with curved front glass 240 L
129.95 €*
Aquarium with curved front glass 112 L
You can discover more trending Aquarium Product Ideas here.

+++++DENNERLE Soda CO2 System++++++++++NEW JBL CO2 Technology 2021++++++++NEW EHEIM WLAN automatic feeder++++++NEW Fluval external filters 07 series++++++sera - highly effective herbal treatments+++

+++++DENNERLE Soda CO2 System+++++

The new Dennerle Carbo Soda M200 allows the use of common soda exchange cylinders as a source of carbon dioxide for the aquarium. All conventional soda bottles can be used. The system is supplied complete with a filled soda exchange cylinder. For customers who already have a CO2 reusable system, an adaper is available to allow the soda bottle to be used on the reusable system.
+++++DENNERLE Soda CO2 System+++++

+++++NEW JBL CO2 Technology 2021+++++

With Basic, Advanced and Professional, JBL is launching 3 lines with CO2 technology that are perfectly tailored to the needs of users. As before, all systems are available with disposable and reusable cylinders and now, brand new, also without CO2 cylinder (System V). The new pressure reducers impress with their chic design and a lot of new features.
+++++NEW JBL CO2 Technology 2021+++++

+++NEW EHEIM WLAN automatic feeder+++

The new EHEIM autofeeder+ fits seamlessly into the EHEIM digital family and can be controlled wirelessly via WLAN using a smartphone, tablet or PC/MAC. A wide range of previously unimagined features are possible. For example, a warning is sent by e-mail if the filling volume in the feed chamber falls below 30%.
+++NEW EHEIM WLAN automatic feeder+++

+++NEW Fluval external filters 07 series+++

The Fluval 07 series introduces four new external filters for aquariums from 40 up to 500 l capacity. Compared to the previous models, the new filters are up to 25% quieter in operation, energy-saving and extremely convenient. Many detail improvements make the new Fluval 07 external filters a good choice for every aquarist. The Fluval 07 series filters were developed and are produced in Europe.
+++NEW Fluval external filters 07 series+++

+++sera - highly effective herbal treatments+++

With the highly effective herbal remedies, sera is taking a new approach in the treatment of diseases in ornamental fish and relies on active ingredients from nature.
+++sera - highly effective herbal treatments+++


LED Aquarium Lighting

The switch to LED Lighting can save energy and cash. You can simulate sunrises and sunsets in your aquarium with high efficiency LED bulbs or you can change the color spectrum of your aquarium lighting.
We offer a wide range of quality products for LED Aquarium Lighting like LED bulbs, accessories and LED controlling.

Top articles

Seachem PurigenSeachem Purigen
filter medium with unparalleled capacity
13.49 €*
AQUAEL External Filter Multikani 800AQUAEL External Filter Multikani 800
multi-functional, modular external filter
59.95 €*
Fluval FX6 External Aquarium FilterFluval FX6 External Aquarium Filter
comfortable external filter for larger tanks
239.95 €*
Tropica Aquarium SoilTropica Aquarium Soil
complete, active aquarium gravel
17.49 €*
Tetra Min Staple Food 2x1000 mlTetra Min Staple Food 2x1000 ml
special offer: 2x TetraMin 1000 ml. Tetra Min is the mostly buyed aquarium fish food in Germany since many years. Feeding all your aquarium fish with Tetra Min. For a good growth and fantastic colors.
15.95 €*
Tetra AquaSafe Water Conditioner 2x500 mlTetra AquaSafe Water Conditioner 2x500 ml
special offer: 2x Tetra AquaSafe 500 ml. Tetra AquaSafe is the unique water care and helpful for any water change or durin new setup of an aquarium. Tetra AquaSafe binds harmful substances and makes tap water to aquarium water.
15.95 €*
Sera Vipan Nature Staple Food 2x1000 mlSera Vipan Nature Staple Food 2x1000 ml
special offer: 2x sera vipan 1000 ml. sera vipan staple food for all ornamental fish. sera vipan contains carefully selected ingredients with prebiotic effect enhance health and liveliness.
12.99 €*
JBL ProScan Multi Water-AnalysisJBL ProScan Multi Water-Analysis
With the JBL ProScan you can check your aquarium water using your smartphone.
17.49 €*
Easy-Life 25 Root Sticks -Root Fertilizer-Easy-Life 25 Root Sticks -Root Fertilizer-
5.49 €*
Aquatlantis Easy LED Control 2 PlusAquatlantis Easy LED Control 2 Plus
65.95 €*
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