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App controlled heater
connection via NFC
temperature range: 15-35°C
from 34.85 €*
SICCE Scuba Contactless NFC Heater
external filter with heater and APP control
595.00 €*
AQUAEL External Filter Hypermax Link
powerful UV clarifier for FX filters
with adapters suitable for all external filters
for aquariums up to 1500 litres
149.00 €*
Fluval FX UVC In-Line Clarifier
removes filmy skin and plant residues
for aquariums 20 up to 500 L
low energy consumption
17.85 €*
AQUAEL SAS 500 Surface Skimmer

different sizes
transparent glued
with or without glass cover
from 18.85 €*
Nano Glass Tank
replacement sponge for Tetra EasyCrystal
active carbon filter cartridge
for regularly replacement
from 8.85 €*
Tetra EasyCrystal FilterPack C
Staple food for small ornamental fish
4.95 €*
Dennerle Neon & Co Booster
biological high efficency filter medium
huge surface area for bacteria
ensures the best water conditions
from 21.85 €*
Fluval BIO-FX -Bio Filtermedium-

adjustable power filter for aquariums up to 1500 l
359.00 €*
AQUAEL External Filter Hypermax 4500
Filter pads for the EX external filter
for regularly replacement
remove fine particles
from 4.89 €*
Tetra FF Fine filter fleece for EX external filter
intelligent heater for aquariums up to 600 L
heater for outside the aquarium
57.85 €*
AQUAEL Flow Heater 2.0 300W -Through-Flow Heater-
Filter pads for the EX external filter
for regularly replacement
for the biological filtration
from 7.85 €*
Tetra BF Biological foam for EX external filter

replacement sponge for Tetra EasyCrystal
biological filtration
for regularly replacement
from 6.85 €*
Tetra EasyCrystal FilterPack
automatic aquarium heater
from 19.85 €*
Tetra Adjustable Heater HT
replacement sponge for Tetra EasyCrystal
with anti-algae ingredient
for regularly replacement
from 11.85 €*
Tetra EasyCrystal FilterPack A 250/300
high porosity airstone
from 1.69 €*
Tetra AS Airstone

digital pH measuring and control unit
139.85 €*
Milwaukee digital pH Controller MC122
main food in perl form for gold fish
from 2.69 €*
JBL NovoPearl
nutritions capsules for aquarium plants
from 6.39 €*
Tropica Nutrition Capsules
Sea salt for reef aquaria
from 21.85 €*
Tropic Marin Pro-Reef Sea salt

creates a cool and bright light
from 14.85 €*
Juwel High-Lite Fluorescent lamp Day
PO4 & SiO2 Adsorber
from 11.85 €*
universally usable outlet protector
protects fish and shrimps
retains coarse dirt
from 8.39 €*
Aqua Medic Outlet Strainer
decoration set for freshwater aquaria
64.85 €*
Dennerle Decor Bonsai Box

laboratory quality pH meter
89.99 €*
Milwaukee digital pH Monitor MC120
with bioactive marine agents
from 22.95 €*
Tropic Marin BIO-ACTIF Sea Salt
for aquariums up to approx. 120 litres
65.85 €*
Dennerle CO2 Set Carbo Bio Style 120
ultra flat LED lamp, 6 LED coloures
from 239.95 €*
Aqua Medic LED Lamp aquarius plus

fights algae at the freshwater aquarium
from 5.85 €*
Easy-Life AlgExit
cationic trace elements in liuid form
from 11.79 €*
Tropic Marin Pro-Coral K+ Elements
staple food for all larger ornamental fish
from 7.79 €*
Tetra Min XL Granules
refill set for BIO CO2
14.85 €*
Dennerle Carbo Bio Depot 60/80

for aquariums up to approx. 80 litres
24.85 €*
Dennerle CO2 Set Carbo Bio Start 80
removes chemical impurities from the water
from 3.39 €*
Juwel bioCarb -active carbon sponge-
starter kit for small aquaria
12.85 €*
Dennerle CO2 Set Carbo Bio Start 60
Potassium fertilizer for demaning plant aquaria
10.85 €*
Dennerle Plant Care K

Clean/Drain/Fill Kit for maintenance
58.85 €*
JBL ProClean Aqua IN-OUT Complete
for crystal-clear aquarium water
from 5.49 €*
JBL Clearol

single luminaire for extending lighting
from 14.85 €*
Tetra LightWave Single Light
liquid carbon fertiliser
from 8.85 €*
MasterLine Carbo
for aquaria up to 150 l
55.95 €*
EHEIM classic 150 -2211-
flexible LED complete set for all aquariums
from 25.85 €*
Tetra LightWave Complete Set

synthetic sea salt for reef aquaria
from 15.29 €*
Aquarium Systems Reef Crystals
external heater for aquariums 90-300 l
39.85 €*
JBL ProTemp e300 -Through-Flow-Heater-
Water test by smartphone
from 18.49 €*
JBL ProScan Multi Water-Analysis
usable for all MasterLine bottles
from 1.95 €*
MasterLine Dosing Pump

bacteria-starter concentrate, water detoxifier
from 9.49 €*
JBL Denitrol
root fertiliser capsules
from 17.85 €*
MasterLine Root Caps
concentrated micronutrient fertiliser
from 7.85 €*
MasterLine I
Multi-stage external filter for aquariums up to 1000 l
with water-exchange function
gravel cleaner can be directly connected
218.85 €*
Fluval FX4 External Aquarium Filter

6 important water values in 1 minute
15.19 €*
JBL ProAqua Test Easy 7in1
made from titanium
from 47.85 €*
SCHEGO Titanium heater
for mountin the SunStrip LED
from 9.85 €*
Econlux SolarStinger SunStrip Flat Holder
phosphate remover for fresh and marine water
from 6.85 €*
amtra Phosphat Reduct -Phosphate Remover-

water conditioner with mineral substances
from 3.49 €*
Sera aquatan
adjustable heater for fresh and sea water
from 18.85 €*
EHEIM Jäger adjustable Aquarium Heater
digital ORP measuring and control unit
149.85 €*
Milwaukee digital ORP Controller MC510
actinic blue light
from 22.85 €*
Juwel LED Blue

for Juwel internal filters
from 1.49 €*
Juwel bioPad Filter Poly Pads
Tubifex- cubes
from 3.95 €*
JBL NovoFex
reduces nitratem significantly
from 4.89 €*
Tetra NitrateMinus
Pump output: 300 l/h, 1,7 m cable
63.85 €*
EHEIM Universal Pump 1046

for the biological cleaning of the water
from 2.99 €*
Juwel bioPlus coarse -Blue Filter Sponge coarse-
for the pressure side
from 17.85 €*
EHEIM Installation Kit 2
90 cm scaping combination with LED
white glass aquarium
2 decorative coloures
from 539.00 €*
AQUAEL UltraScape SET 90
5 color channels, more powerful output
from 89.85 €*
Econlux SolarStinger SunStrip III 35 Fresh Black

bright white light, 14,000 K
from 22.85 €*
Juwel LED Marine
Staple food for smaller carnivorous cichlids
from 3.69 €*
sera Granured Nature
to control the Tetra LightWave LED
32.85 €*
Tetra LightWave Timer
129.85 €*
Juwel HeliaLux Smart Control -LED Controller-

for EHEIM ReeflexUV from 2019
from 19.85 €*
EHEIM UVC Spare Lamp Socket 2G7/2G11
for the suction side
from 17.85 €*
EHEIM Installation Kit 1
ultra flat, unbreakable and very precise
temperature range: 20-33°C
with Smart Heating System
from 25.85 €*
AQUAEL Ultra-Heater
well-balanced universal flake food
from 8.85 €*
sera Vipan Nature Large Flake

for phosphate removal
7.85 €*
Sera phosvec granules
high power diffusion system for CO2
24.85 €*
JBL ProFlora Taifun Spiral 10 CO2 Reactor
natural substrate with nutrient buffer
from 5.69 €*
JBL Manado
Flake food for all herbivorous ornamental fish
from 3.39 €*
Tetra Phyll

powerful UV clarifier for fresh and marine water
from 89.85 €*
Aqua Medic Helix Max 2.0 -UV-C Sterilizer-
filter medium for aerobe and anaerobe filtration
from 7.19 €*
Seachem de*nitrate
professional external filter with many details, up to 700 L
179.85 €*
AQUAEL External Filter Ultramax 2000
no struts, with clear silicone
white glass for natural
polished edges
329.95 €*
Cubito POOL Aquarium OptiWhite 90x45x45 cm, 182 L

complete fertiliser for all plants
from 14.85 €*
MasterLine All-In-One-Boost
high performance direct diffuser for CO2
from 23.85 €*
JBL ProFlora Taifun inline CO2 Inlinediffusor
uinversally usable LED lighting
from 139.85 €*
Aquatlantis Easy LED Universal Freshwater

multi-ingredient flake food for Malawi cichlids
from 1.29 €*
Tropical Malawi
reduces stress
from 5.49 €*
JBL Acclimol
Staple food for all ornamental fish
from 2.79 €*
CO2 long-term test incl. pH measurement
from 17.85 €*
Dennerle Carbo Test Precision

regulated heater for aquaria
from 29.85 €*
Juwel Automatic Heater Aqua Heat Pro
for aquaria up to 500 l content
135.85 €*
Juwel Bioflow XL 8.0
basic fertilizer for aquarium plants
from 3.89 €*
Sera florena
Staple food chips with 4% insect meal
from 3.19 €*
sera Vipachips Nature

adhesive tablet with 7% krill for healthy variety
from 2.49 €*
Sera O-Nip Nature

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