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Aquarium Shop: Aquarium Supplies Online, Aquarium Equipment - HAPPY DISKUS!

Buy Aquarium Supplies, Aquarium Equipment & Accessories for your freshwater or saltwater fish tank online.
Aquarium Online Shop with 150,000 customers worldwide!

  • Shipping costs start from 12.90€ to all EU countries.
    EU EU (12.90€ shipping costs, 120,000 customers ↑)

  • Located in Germany we are one of the biggest Aquarium Online Stores in Europe.

  • Quality brands like EHEIM EHEIM, Fluval Fluval, JBL JBL, Dennerle Dennerle & many more. Best prices!

  • Freshwater & Saltwater. LED Lighting.

  • 20 years experience, fast delivery: HAPPY-DISKUS Aquaristikshop

We are located in Germany and supply online aquarium products like Aquarium Equipment, Filters, LED Lighting and many other quality products from the leading brands: EHEIM, Fluval, JBL and many more. Our online shop has just everything for your freshwater or saltwater aquarium!

Aquarium Supplies new & Bestseller

self-priming water change hose
14.95 €*
Dennerle Slef Priming Hose Shake and Flow
extension for the DuplaMatic
11.95 €*
Dupla DuplaMatic Feed drum expansion set
complete kit for aquariums up to 600 l
159.95 €*
Tetra External Filter Complete Kit EX 1500 Plus
for JBL CO2 sets u-system and easy
55.95 €*
JBL ProFlora 12000 U CO2 Cylinder
You can discover more trending Aquarium Product Ideas here.

+++ NEW Tetra external filters EX PLUS ++++++ NEW JBL Fish food range ProNovo ++++++NEW AQUAEL Flow Heater+++ AQUAEL Thermometer Link++++++++NEU EHEIM thermocontrol +e with WLAN++++++++++HANNA now again at the Aquaristikshop+++++

+++ NEW Tetra external filters EX PLUS +++

The new EX PLUS outdoor filter series from Tetra is now available in the Aquaristikshop. Four filter models for all common aquarium sizes from 100 to 600 liters are available. All models are supplied complete with filter material and installation accessories. The new Tetra EX PLUS external filters impress with up to 36% higher flow rates compared to the previous series, as well as greater efficiency and smoother running.
+++ NEW Tetra external filters EX PLUS +++

+++ NEW JBL Fish food range ProNovo +++

The species-appropriate care of their animals is a matter close to every pet owner's heart. Even ornamental fish are increasingly being fed species-specific diets. The times when aquarium fish are fed exclusively with universal flakes for all ornamental fish are over. A species-specific diet for the fish species kept not only ensures well-being, colorfulness and good growth, it also protects against disease. Optimal utilization of nutrients means that the aquarium water is less polluted, thus preventing undesirable algae growth. The protein-fat ratio, which is very important for the organism, is often not optimal, especially with very cheap fish food, so that organ fatty deposits can occur in the animals. With ProNovo, JBL is launching a new food series on the market which is specially adapted to the nutritional requirements of the individual fish species. -uniquely species-appropriate-
+++ NEW JBL Fish food range ProNovo +++

+++NEW AQUAEL Flow Heater+++ AQUAEL Thermometer Link+++

AQUAEL Flow Heater is the first intelligent flow heater with variable power. Thanks to the novel SHS system, the power is automatically adjusted to the water volume. The flow heater is connected to the external filter. This eliminates the need for a heater in the aqaurium, creating many more design options than before.

AQUAEL Thermometer Link is an electronic WiFi thermometer. The temperature in the Aqaurium is permanently measured and stored. The data are transferred to the smartphone or tablet. Notifications can be set when the temperature is higher or lower.
+++NEW AQUAEL Flow Heater+++ AQUAEL Thermometer Link+++

+++++NEU EHEIM thermocontrol +e with WLAN+++++

The EHEIM thermocontrol +e is the first electronic aquarium heater with digital control via WLAN from EHEIM. The temperature can be precisely set from 18 to 32 °C via smartphone, tablet or PC/MAC. A message is sent as soon as the temperature deviates by ± 2 °C. The electronic heater can be networked with other devices of the EHEIM digital family.
+++++NEU EHEIM thermocontrol +e with WLAN+++++

+++++HANNA now again at the Aquaristikshop+++++

We are pleased to offer the products of HANNA Instruments in the Aquaristikshop again. The measuring instruments convince by exact measuring results, simple handling and long life time. In addition to the meters, you will also find the buffer solutions and maintenance fluids in our store.
+++++HANNA now again at the Aquaristikshop+++++


LED Aquarium Lighting

The switch to LED Lighting can save energy and cash. You can simulate sunrises and sunsets in your aquarium with high efficiency LED bulbs or you can change the color spectrum of your aquarium lighting.
We offer a wide range of quality products for LED Aquarium Lighting like LED bulbs, accessories and LED controlling.

Top articles

Seachem PurigenSeachem Purigen
filter medium with unparalleled capacity
13.49 €*
AQUAEL External Filter Multikani 800AQUAEL External Filter Multikani 800
multi-functional, modular external filter
59.95 €*
Fluval FX6 External Aquarium FilterFluval FX6 External Aquarium Filter
comfortable external filter for larger tanks
248.95 €*
Tropica Aquarium SoilTropica Aquarium Soil
complete, active aquarium gravel
17.49 €*
Tetra Min Staple Food 2x1000 mlTetra Min Staple Food 2x1000 ml
special offer: 2x TetraMin 1000 ml. Tetra Min is the mostly buyed aquarium fish food in Germany since many years. Feeding all your aquarium fish with Tetra Min. For a good growth and fantastic colors.
15.95 €*
Tetra AquaSafe Water Conditioner 2x500 mlTetra AquaSafe Water Conditioner 2x500 ml
special offer: 2x Tetra AquaSafe 500 ml. Tetra AquaSafe is the unique water care and helpful for any water change or durin new setup of an aquarium. Tetra AquaSafe binds harmful substances and makes tap water to aquarium water.
15.95 €*
Sera Vipan Nature Staple Food 2x1000 mlSera Vipan Nature Staple Food 2x1000 ml
special offer: 2x sera vipan 1000 ml. sera vipan staple food for all ornamental fish. sera vipan contains carefully selected ingredients with prebiotic effect enhance health and liveliness.
14.95 €*
JBL ProScan Multi Water-AnalysisJBL ProScan Multi Water-Analysis
With the JBL ProScan you can check your aquarium water using your smartphone.
17.49 €*
Easy-Life 25 Root Sticks -Root Fertilizer-Easy-Life 25 Root Sticks -Root Fertilizer-
5.59 €*
Aquatlantis Easy LED Control 2 PlusAquatlantis Easy LED Control 2 Plus
65.95 €*
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