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Aquarium Münster fungimarin

Aquarium Münster fungimarin

Aquarium Münster fungimarin

against fungus in seawater
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  • Aquarium Münster fungimarin is a special treatment for marine ornamental fish against fungus (e. g. Saprolegnia) and their accompanying secondary bacterial infections. Visible signs of fungal infection are cotton-wool like tufts. Invertebartes do not tolerate Aquarium Münster fungimarin. Corals and anemones must be excluded from treatment.

    1 ml Aquarium Münster fungimarin contains: 10.0 mg of copper(II) sulfate pentahydrate, 4.00 mg of ethacridine lactate, 2.75 mg of tetramethylthionine chloride, 2.00 mg of acrivlafine chloride

    Available are the following contents:
    - 20 ml solution for 400 l of water

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