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Dennerle Dosator Plant Fertilizing Automat

Dennerle Dosator Plant Fertilizing Automat

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  • The Dennerle Dosator provides continuous, automatic fertilizing your aquatic plants without electricity. Aquarium plants need a regular supply of nutrients for strong, healthy growth. Aquariums are usually fertilised on a weekly shedule, which means that larger quantities of fertiliser are added at regular intervals. With a dosing pump, your aquarium plants are fertilised as in nature, in that they are given a small quantity of nutrients on an ongoing basis. Dennerle Dosator utilises the principle of osmosis. Water from the aquarium seeps through the semipermeable special membrane into the reservoir, pushing the nutrient solution drop-by-drop via the riser into the aquarium.

    Dennerle Dosator benefits:
    + Continuous, consistent supply of nutrients like in nature
    + consistent, balanced plant growth
    + prevents algae formation by reducing the levels of nutrients
    + easy to install and easy to use
    + suitable for aquaria from 50 up to 300 litres content

    The Dennerle Dosator is specially designed for the Dennerle fertilisers V30 Complete and S7 VitaMix. V30 Complete is dosed automatically over 4 weeks, S7 VitaMix over the space of one week. Thsi requires 2 dosators: one for V30 complete and one for S7 VitaMix.

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    Dennerle Perfect Plant V30 Complete6.99 * 12.29 * 26.39 * 42.49 €
    Dennerle Perfect Plant S7 VitaMix6.99 * 12.29 * 26.39 * 42.49 €
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  • Reviews for Dennerle Dosator Plant Fertilizing Automat:
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    at 10.08.2015:
    kleines, einfaches Gerät, welches wunderbar funktioniert und die Dünger perfekt dosiert. Ich bin begeistert und habe zwei Stück davon im Einsatz. Meine Empfehlung: kaufen!!!

    at 10.08.2015:
    nützliches Teil

    at 19.04.2017:
    easy to set up. Dosing does take place. Comes with additional membranes which is a good gesture from Dennerle. Only time will prove how effective it is