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Giesemann System 400 plus 2x250 W/4x9 W 120 cm
Giesemann System 400 plus 2x250 W/4x9 W 120 cm

Giesemann System 400 plus 2x250 W/4x9 W 120 cm

optimal light for large aquaria
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  • technical data Giesemann System 400 plus 2x250 W/4x9 W:
    - light output: 2x250 W metal halide lamp, single ended E40, 4x9 W compact fluorescent lamps
    - length: 1200 mm
    - external ballast with digital ignition
    - separate switching of the lamps
    - stepless height adjustment
    - Three-section aluminium housing with integral ventilation screen (ACV design)
    - Partially printed ultraviolet absorbing filter
    - High-efficiency C.A.R. technology reflector in highest-grade aluminium

    The Giesemann systems 400 plus have been developed due to the demand for the highest light power and maximum colour stability. Only a few lamps of this type are able to provide this level of light performance. The Giesemann system 400 plus has been built to provide a flexible solution to the illumination of larger aquariums or those with a higher light demand, especially salt-water aquariums and therefore you will find this lamp in many public aquaria around the world. Within a home aquarium environment, the large reflector area maximises the light output from the single ended bulbs to provide the perfect light and to give maximum light spread. This makes the Giesemann system 400 perfect for providing growth and colour for more light sensitive animals like SPS corals. With its external ballast the pendant unit itself is very light and will hang easily above any aquarium. The Giesemann system 400 plus model also has two integral compact fluorescent lamps that can be operated independently of the main lamps.

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