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IKS Basic system aquastar aquarium computer

IKS Basic system aquastar aquarium computer

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  • The IKS aquastar is a state-of the start system of modular construction that caters for all of your needs where automatic monitoring and control of every major water and lighting factor is concerned for both fresh- and seawater aquariums. With it, you can build up your own individual system to suit your personal requirements and your pocket.

    Besides extensive timed functions, you also have at your fingertips measuring modules for pH-value, redox potential, temperature, conductivity, waterlevel, oxygen and air pressure (not included). Up to eight of these modules can be connected to the system in any combination. Thus, it is possible, for example, to take multiple pH measurements (e.g. in a calcium reactor and in the aquarium) or even in several tanks quite independently of each other.

    Logical and easy operation. You can connect up to 4 socket panels, with 4 sockets each. You can programme up to 32 timer functions. The shortest switch interval is only 1 second long. Additional programmable functions are: interval functions, day/night-simulations, lunar-phase simulations, nocturnal reduction and pulsating simulations. Acoustic, visual and external alarm. Automatic sensor recognition and calibration with sensor test. Display of salt content, density or mS in seawater. Readings memory for 2000 chains of readings, buffered by storage battery. Al data can be transfered to a PC. With illuminated LC-Display.

    Technical data:
    Dimensions: 24 x 13,5 x 3,5 cm
    Power consumption: max. 5 watt
    Processor: INTEL 80C535
    Conventional memory: 128 kByte RAM (buffered)
    Programme memory: 64 kByte Flash
    Inputs: 8 sockets for any iks modules
    Interface: Serial PC-Interface
    Display: LC-Display (2x16 characters)
    Outputs: 16 TTL switch outputs
    5 Years guarantee

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  • Reviews for IKS Basic system aquastar aquarium computer:
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    at 01.01.2016:
    This computer works great, once I managed to change the language to English (it came in German, so you need to buy a special cable in order to connect it to a PC to update the firmware).

    I had to ask for a new IKS computer as with the first one I received the main electric socket was not working properly (bad contact).

    Now I am happy with it, even if I didn't have time yet to set up the fertilizer pumps. For now I only use the water level and it works like magic! (see my other comment on the IKS water level item).

    I am a bit disappointed as some of the accessories are not on sale any more on Aquaristik Shop! What the about the IKS Vario 4 pumps (which I already have), what about the IKS dimmable socket panel? I wonder if the product is "end of life"...