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IKS Switch socket

  • Up to four switch sockets can be connected to the IKS aquastar system, each with four switch sockets. You can therefore individually control a total of 16 sockets.

    Control processes (e.g. solenoid valve for pH-vaule, heating element for temperature)
    Timers (e.g. various lamps, dosing pumps etc.)
    Simulation of currents (e.g. current pumps)
    Interval functions

    Technical data:
    Inputs: Four opto-decoupled control inputs
    Outputs: Four individually operable sockets (230 V~/max. 16A)
    Breaking capacity: The maximum breaking capacity is 3600 watt, whereby it can also be connected via a single channel.
    Technique: Relay. The switch state of the socket is show via LEDs.
    Dimensions: 47 x 6,8 x 4,8 cm

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    at 30.05.2016:
    Sehr gute Qualität, durch IKS Aquastarsoftware super zu programmieren