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JBL ArguPond

JBL ArguPond

JBL ArguPond

against carp lice, anchor worms…
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  • JBL ArguPond is a remedy for ornamental fish in the garden pond against carp lice (Argulus), gill lice (Ergasilus), anchor worms (Lernaea) and other parasitic crustacea. Fish infected with carp lice are shy, show abnormal behaviour -particularly leaping at night- and try to rub against stones. Carp lice are visible to the naked eye as 4-12 mm long parasites, shaped like a finger nail. Gill lice cause widespread damage to the gill epithelium. The fish show signs of difficulty with respiration, become weak and lose weight. Gill lice are about 1.5 mm and can be seen on the gills with the naked eye. Anchor worms can be clearly identified as long, rod-shaped or branching parasites with two long egg sacks. The head burrows into the scale pockets, causing inflammation.

    Application and dosage JBL ArguPond:
    40 ml to 450-500 litres of garden pond water. Dwell time in the pond one week. Change 30% of the water afterwards. Treatment can be repeated after two weeks if required. It is recommended to use JBL AccliPond for regeneration of the sensitive mucous membrane.
    500 ml are sufficient for 6000 of pond water.

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