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JBL Krill

JBL Krill

supplement food with 20% Krill
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  • JBL Krill adds high-grade variety to the diet of all aquarium fish. In a special process, Krill is finely ground and converted into flake feed which is readily consumed by all aquarium fish. As a result of this treatment, the spikes of all Krill no longer pose any danger to the digestive tract of the fish. The essential unsaturated fatty acids, the natural colours of the Krill and vital vitamins in JBL Krill guarantee healthy growth and enhance the brilliant colouring of the fish. Composition: Fish and fish by-products, molluscs and crustacea (20% Krill), cereals, vegetable protein extracts, vegetables, yeasts, dairy products, algae.

    Recommended feeding for JBL Krill: Feed several times a day in small portions, which can be consumed within a few minutes.

    Minimun vitamin content per 1000 g JBL Krill:
    A: 24,000 IU
    D3: 2,000 IU
    E: 330 mg
    C (stabilised): 400 mg
    Inosite: 750 mg

    Analysis: Crude protein: 47 %
    Crude fat: 6 %
    Crude fibre: 3.5 %
    Crude ash: 10.5 %

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    at 26.03.2016:
    Meine Meerwasserfische sind ganz wild auf dieses Futter. Keine Wassertrübung.