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JBL NitratEx e700/, e900/1
JBL NitratEx e700/, e900/1

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  • JBL NitratEx prevents and eliminates the growth of undesirable algae by reliably eliminating the main nutrient, nitrate, from freshwater. Specially designed for the external filters JBL CristalProfi e700 and e900, the complete set is comprised of JBL NitratEx in a filter bag and an edging made of JBL bio-filter foam. Water flows slowly through JBL NiratEx, allowing the best possible effectiveness, whilst at the same time the total flow of water through the filter is restricted as little as possible thanks to the bio folter foam edging. Package content: 2x bio filter foam pads 20 ppi, 250 ml JBL NitratEx suitable for the external filters JBL CristalProfi e700 and e900 and e701, e901.

    Application of JBL NitratEx:
    Transfer the complete set into the empty filter basket, remove the plastic bag and put the filter basket back into the filter. Regenerate with cooking salt or replace when nitrate levels increase.

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