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JBL Novo GranoColor

JBL Novo GranoColor

JBL Novo GranoColor

with click-doser
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 250 ml click-doser 9.49 EUR (3.80 /100 ml) 
 250 ml refill pack 8.55 EUR (3.42 /100 ml) 

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  • JBL Novo GranoColor contains high-grade natural raw materials, carotinoids and unsaturated fatty acids which naturally enhance the brilliant colouring of all aquarium fish. JBL Novo GranoColor is a Granulate with high nutrient content carefully produced using ultra high-temperature preservation. The Granulate is designed in such a way that some particles float on the surface of the water whilst the remainder slowly sink, ideally suiting the feeding habits of fish whatever water level they feed in. The balanced combination of essential ingredients such as proteins, fats and carbohydrates, as well as vital minerals and vitamins ensures healthy growth and increased resistance to disease. With its Granulate form, JBL Novo Grano Color is readily accepted and easily consumed by all aquarium fish.

    Recommended feeding: Feed the fish twice or three times a day with only as much food as the fish can consume within a few minutes. Young fish should be fed more frequently. Ideal for use in automatic feeders.

    High proportion of astaxanthine and natural carotinoids enhance the colouring of all fish.
    Carefully produced granulate using ultra high-temperature preservertion, allowing the food components to be better broken down and optimising digestibility.
    High vitamin content strengthens resistance to disease.
    Krill and other essential ingredients guarantee high acceptability.

    Vitamin content in JBL Novo GranoColor per 1000g:
    Vitamin A: 35,000 I.E.
    Vitamin D3: 3,000 I.E.
    Vitamin E: 330 mg
    Vitamin C (stab): 400 mg

    Crude protein 40 %
    Crude fat 7 %
    Crude fibre 3.5 %
    Crude ash 9 %
    Phosphorous 0.9 %

    Staple food - with antioxidant E306
    With click-doser -precise food dosage with a simple click

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    at 28.04.2016:
    Lt sich gut dosieren. Und die Farben kommen gut raus.