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JBL NovoBaby 3x 10 ml

JBL NovoBaby 3x 10 ml

JBL NovoBaby 3x 10 ml

Baby food set for fry of live-beares
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 3x 10 ml 5.29 EUR (176.33 €/100 ml) 

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  • JBL NovoBaby Complete rearing feed set for guppies and other live-bearing species consisting of three carefully balanced sizes of flakes or particles. Also suitable for rearing other young fry the size of a new-born guppy i.e. cichlids etc.

    JBL NovoBaby contains 3 food tins with a variety of foods in one set.
    3 food sizes for rearing from birth to 2 cm in length.
    With vital vitamins and the bioelement inosite to strengthen the immune system.

    Vitamin content in JBL NovoBaby per 1000 g
    Vitamin A: 25.000 i.E.
    Vitamin D3: 2000 I.E.
    Vitamin E: 330 mg
    Vitamin C (stab): 400 mg
    Inosit: 750 mg

    Crude protein 47 %
    Crude fat 5.5 %
    Crude fibre 1.8 %
    Crude ash 9.8 %

    Staple feed, contains EC colour additives -with E306 antioxidant.

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