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JBL NovoGuppy

JBL NovoGuppy

JBL NovoGuppy

staple food for guppies and other live bearing fish
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 100 ml 3.59 EUR (3.59 €/100 ml) 
 250 ml 7.19 EUR (2.88 €/100 ml) 

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  • JBL NovoGuppy contains high-quality vegetable raw materials such as plant fibre, as well as a proportion of animal protein, specially balanced to meet the nutrional needs of guppies and other live-bearing poecilla. When grazing on algae beds these fish regularly consume small animal organisms. Carotinoids enhance brillant colouring. The balanced combination of all vital ingredients such as proteins, fats and carbohydrates, as well as essential minerals and vitamines ensure healthy growth, perfect fins and increased resistance to disease. Due to the shape of the small flakes, which suits the mouths of these fish, JBL NovoGuppy is a readily accepted form of food.

    Feeding recommendation for JBL NovoGuppy: Feed several times a day as much JBL NovoGuppy flakes as your fish can consume within a few minutes.

    Vitamin content in JBL NovoGuppy per 1000 g:
    Vitamin A: 21,000 I.E.
    Vitamin D3: 2,000 I.E.
    Vitamin E: 280 mg
    Vitamin C (stab): 250 mg
    Inosite: 750 mg

    Crude protein 35.5 %
    Crude fat 3.6 %
    Crude fibre 3.5 %
    Crude ash 11 %

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