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JBL NovoPrawn

JBL NovoPrawn food pearls are made in a special production process. C (stabilised): 200 mg. Analysis: Crude protein: 37 %.

JBL NovoPrawn

JBL NovoPrawn

food pearls for prawn
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 250 ml 7.99 EUR (3.20 €/100 ml) 

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  • JBL NovoPrawn food pearls are made in a special production process. The ingredients, size and structure are specially selected to meet the nutrional needs of prawn in an aquarium (caridina, neocaridina etc.) Al large proportion of green material with 5% spirulina algae, together with proteins from shrimp and fish reflect the natural nutrional requirements of prawn. This guarantees healthy shell grwoth and problem-free shedding of the shell. The JBL NovoPrawn pearls do not pollute the water as they do not dissolve. Stabilised vitamin C and other vitamins promote resistance to diseases.

    Feeding recommendations: 1-2 JBL NovoPrawn Pearls per animal per day, depending on the size of the animal. Since the pearls are stable for up to 24 hours, without disintegrating, a few pearls which are not eaten are not a problem.

    Minimun vitamin content per 1000 g JBL NovoPrawn:
    A: 24,000 IU
    D3: 2,000 IU
    E: 300 mg
    C (stabilised): 200 mg

    Analysis: Crude protein: 37 %
    Crude fat: 5 %
    Crude fibre: 10 %
    Crude ash: 12 %

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    at 07.06.2019:
    Креветки едят с удовольствием :)

    at 13.01.2019:
    Futter wird gut angenommen und ist somit zu empfehlen.

  • Игорь &. wrote about JBL NovoPrawn in 2019:
    Креветки едят с удовольствием :)

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