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JBL ProScape K Macroelements

JBL ProScape K Macroelements

JBL ProScape K Macroelements

pure potassium fertilizer for aquatic plants
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  • Potassium plays an essential role in all vital functions. In plants, for example, potassium is directly involved in stomatal regulation. In addition, potassium carries out important functions in the regulation of enzyme activities in the cells. Potassium is the third most important element of the macroelements taken up by plants. These are able to take up more potassium than they actually need and store it in the tissue. In nature, there are unlimited amounts of potassium available. In tanks which emphasise plants, though, potassium very quickly drops down to the minimum, so that it becomes a limiting factor for plant growth. JBL ProScape K Macroelements supplies tank water with potassium in the form of water-soluble potassium salts.

    1 ml JBL ProScape K Macroelements cotains
    50 mg Kalium

    Dosage JBL ProScape K Macroelements
    The normal dosage is 5 ml per 100 litres of aquarium water for very well-lit tanks. For not so well-lit tanks the dosage is 2.5 ml per 100 litres of aquarium water. Please check the consumption of the nutrients regularly with a potassium test.

    Healthy plant growth is based on the following three main pillars: A supply of light, a supply of CO2 and an adequate and optimal supply of mineral nutrients. The supply of nutrients is described by Liebig’s Law of the Minimum. According to this concept, the nutrient which is available in the minimum amount limits the growth of plants regardless of whether it is a microelement or a macroelement. Microelements are trace elements which plants need in small amounts, whereas macroelements are used for growth in larger amounts. In a well-planted aquarium, both microelements and macroelements are consumed in large amounts. Particularly when the fish population is small, the microelements, as well as the macroelements of nitrogen, phosphorous and potassium, quickly drop down to the minimum.

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    at 30.07.2016:
    Ordered JBL potassium for plants .Otzyv month ago about this product is only positive. A good alternative to expensive goods ADA