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JBL ProScape Fe + Microelements

JBL ProScape Fe + Microelements

JBL ProScape Fe + Microelements

basic fertilizer with complete trace elements
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  • JBL ProScape Fe +Microelements, which contains all of the necessary trace elements in a finely balanced formulation, is ideally suited for the basic supply of microelements. Trace elements play an essential role in all vital functions. For example, iron is required to synthesise the green leaf pigment, chlorophyll cobalt, copper, manganese and zinc are so-called co factors of proteins, without which proteins would not be able to carry out their respective functions, and boron plays an important role in the regulation of calcium metabolism and sugar transport within the plant.

    The concentrations of these micro trace elements in the drinking waters usually used in aquariums vary considerably, depending on the water supplier. However, drinking water generally tends to have low concentrations of these minerals. It is advisable to determine the current potassium concentration of the water with the JBL Fe Test Set in order to find the right dosage of the JBL ProScape Fe +Microelements fertiliser. Here, iron can be used as a summary indicator for the other trace elements. Nowadays, iron concentration can be determined with sufficient precision by using standard aquatic tests, so that the result can be used to check the supply of microelements. JBL ProScape Fe +Microelements supplies the tank water with all of the necessary trace elements, while also furnishing the required macroelements, potassium and magnesium.

    1 ml JBL ProScape Fe + Microelements contains
    25 mg potassium
    5 mg magnesium
    1.0 mg iron
    0.5 mg manganese
    0.07 mg boron
    0.02 mg copper
    0.03 mg molybdenum
    0.03 mg zinc
    0.01 mg cobalt
    0.02 mg tin
    0.01 mg vanadium

    Dosage JBL ProScape Fe + Microelements
    The normal dosage is 10 ml per 100 litres of aquarium water for a very well-lit aquarium and 5 mg per 100 litres of aquarium water for a tank that is not so well lit.

    Healthy plant growth is based on the following three main pillars: A supply of light, a supply of CO2 and an adequate and optimal supply of mineral nutrients. The supply of nutrients is described by Liebig’s Law of the Minimum. According to this concept, the nutrient which is available in the minimum amount limits the growth of plants regardless of whether it is a microelement or a macroelement. Microelements are trace elements which plants need in small amounts, whereas macroelements are used for growth in larger amounts. In a well-planted aquarium, both microelements and macroelements are consumed in large amounts. Particularly when the fish population is small, the microelements, as well as the macroelements of nitrogen, phosphorous and potassium, quickly drop down to the minimum.

    The following levels should be maintained for well-lit planted aquariums:
    CO2: 20-35 mg/l
    Nitrate nitrogen (NO3): 10-30 mg/l
    Potassium (K): 10-30 mg/l
    Phosphate (PO4): 0.1-1.5 mg/l
    Iron (Fe): 0.1-0.5 mg/l
    Magnesium (Mg): 5-10 mg/l

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