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Juwel Automatic Feeder EasyFeed

Juwel Automatic Feeder EasyFeed

Juwel Automatic Feeder EasyFeed

feeds automatically up to 2 times daily
  19.95 EUR 

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  • The Juwel automatic feeder EasyFeed feed your fish during the vacation. The unit is suitable for all aquariums and can be filled with every kind of falke or granulate food. The Juwel EasyFeed enables you to program up to two feed per day. The first feed is activated by turning on the feeder and is confirmed by a green LED. At this point an actual feeding will take place and the time is set for subsequent feeds at 24 hour intervals until turned off. If you require a second feeding, you can activate it with the SET button. The second feeding will take place 6 hours after the first feeding on all following days. (example: activation: 9 a.m., feeding at 9 a.m. and 3 p.m.). By pressing the M button manual feeds are always possible.The quantity of the food can be adjusted manually. It is possible to connect the Juwel automatic feeder to an air pump in order to keep the food dry. The template holder (included) has a feeder cover which can be closed whilst the feeder is not in use and opened when required.

    technical data Juwel Automatic Feeder EasyFeed:
    + works with batteries, 2x Typ AA (included)
    + up to 2 feeds daily
    + additional manual feeds
    + feed container sufficient for up to 30 days (60 feeds)
    + feed quantity can be adjusted
    + connector for air pump
    + dimensions: 13 cm x 6,5 cm x 7 cm (length x width x height)
    + suitable for all aquaria
    + incl. A closeable template holder

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  • Reviews for Juwel Automatic Feeder EasyFeed:
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    at 18.01.2016:
    Very good.
    Customizable 1 or 2 times feed per day.

    at 25.01.2016:
    Nice. Easy to mount. works well

    at 11.03.2017: