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Tetra Automatic Feeder myFeeder

Tetra Automatic Feeder myFeeder

Tetra Automatic Feeder myFeeder

unique triple food protection technology
  42.50 EUR 

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  • Tetra myFeeder is an easy to use and reliable automatic feeder for all aqauriums. Thanks to the new and unique triple fish food protection technology, the fish food keeps in optimum condition. With the Tetra myFeeder you can also feed flakes. The unit can be mounted on the aquarium glass (up to 12 mm thickness) or to be used for a food hole in the hood flap.

    Tetra my Feeder aquarium automatic feeder for fish food
    + suitable for all kinds of fish food, like flakes, granules, crisps etc.
    + with unique triple food protection technology
    + protects for light and against moisture
    + creates an airtight seal for the food
    + up to 3 feeding times per day
    + easy programming, with digital display
    + individual adjustment for the food quantity
    + manual feeding by pressing a button
    + universal attachment options
    + clamp mounting for glass thickness up to 12 mm
    + individually adjustable support feets
    + food compartment volume: 100 ml
    + Dimensions: 12.5 x 8 x 7.5 cm

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