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Nutrafin Nutramatic 2X

Nutrafin Nutramatic 2X

Nutrafin Nutramatic 2X

feeds automatically 2 times a day
  19.90 EUR 

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  • The Nutrafin Nutramatic 2X Automatic Feeder provides flexible installation options which allows for rim and free-standing positioning while fitting within some canopies. This easy set unit distributes food at two intervals during the day and features food quantity adjustment and anti-humidity door to protect and maintain food quality. Flakes, granules and pellets can be used with this automatic fish feeder.

    Nutrafin Nutramatic 2X
    + dispenses flakes, granules or pellets
    + feeds every 12 hours
    + controllable food quantity setting
    + free-standing, rim-mountable and fits in canopy
    + battery operated (2 AA, not included)
    + anti-humidity door

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  • Reviews for Nutrafin Nutramatic 2X:
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    at 12.12.2017:
    Nice feeder, has an anti-humidity door to preserve food dry. Not big in size as a plus (good for nano aquariums). Feeds twice a day. Cannot feed once. A little bit noisy engine is a minus.