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Söchting Dosator Water Plant Fertilizer

Söchting Dosator Water Plant Fertilizer

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  • Söchting Dosator for an even application of fertiliser to your aquatic plants. Aquatic plants also require nutrients, which are absorbed through the roots as well as through the surfaces of leaves. Plants need chlorophyll for photo-synthesis and iron ions dissolved in the water are crucial for their growth. It is these very elements that rapidly break down in the oxygen-rich water that fish need. A continuous supply of iron ions to the water is accordingly required if both fish and plants are to thrive. In natural stretches of water this tends to occur when a ferrous solution remains in groundwater that is low in oxygen, but an aquarium requires a continual supply of fertiliser. This is not the end of the matter, however, since a fairly high concentration of dissolved iron is harmful and should consequently be supplied in small amounts as often as possible, ideally on a continuous bais, as is the case with groundwater.

    This ideal situation is achieved with teh Söchting Dosator which automatically, continuously and consistently administers a solution of iron ions. A weak current such as that produced by a filter or heater distributes the fertiliser throughout the aquarium.

    The Söchting Dosator comes complete with one bottle Söchting Special Fertiliser.

    Tip: You can also easily dispense other solutions with the Söchting Dosator (coral nutrient solutions, mineral complexes, extracts etc.). The plexiglass beaker holds a max. of 100 ml of the solution which takes 4 weeks to dispense at 25°C.

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