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Tetra Algetten 12 tablettes

Tetra Algetten 12 tablettes

Tetra Algetten 12 tablettes

to the prevention and long-time-fight
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  • Tetra Algetten for the prevention and long-term combating of algae. Algae have a negative effect on aquaria and can inhibit plant growth by consuming valuable nutrients. On a long-term basis, algae negatively influence the biological balance of aquaria. Mild, long-term effect due to water-insoluble tablets: the Tetra Algetten, which are housed in a holder, emit their agents over a period of approx. four weeks. Considerable reduction of existing algae after just 4 to 7 days. Tetra Algetten are harmless to fish, plants and micro-organisms (when used in accordance with instructions).

    Dosage for Tetra Algetten:
    put 1 tablet per 10 litres of aquarium water (fresh water) into the holder and mount the holder inside the aqurium. Package content is sufficient for 120 liter.

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