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Algizit Tetra 10 Tablettes

Algizit Tetra 10 Tablettes

Algizit Tetra 10 Tablettes

intensive alga-figh with fast effect
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  • Tetra Algizit, with ist highly effective agents, reliably combats even stubborn algae problems. Algae have a negative effect on aquaria and inhibit plant growth by consuming valuable nutrients. On a long-term basis, algae negatively influence the biological balance of aquaria. The water is not discoloured. Tetra Algizit is harmless to fish, plants and micro-organisms (when used in accordance with instructions).

    + quick remedy for acute algae problems
    + counteracts against green, brown and red algae
    + also combats stubborn algae (brush or beard algae)
    + tablets dissolve quickly, without discolouring the water
    + achieves maximum effect thanks to ist highly concentrated formula
    + for all freshwater aquaria

    Dosage Tetra Algizit:
    Add 1 tablet per 20 l of aquarium water. Repeat dosage after 4 weeks if required. Content sufficiently for 200 l water.

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    at 21.06.2017:
    Schnell wirkendes Mittel -Empfehlung !