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EHEIM biopower 240

The new EHEIM Internal Filter biopower 240 is an high performance internal filter for Aquaria from approximately 160 up to 240 litres content. Multiple filterin as with an external filter. + for aquaria from approximately 160 up to 240 L.

EHEIM biopower 240

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  • Ernst A. wrote about EHEIM biopower 240 in 2016:
    This model of internal filter is very reliable, quite and capable to turnout significant amount of tank water capacity and I can make statement that it is very impressive in consideration of such compact size of this filters. Additionally I think it's very attractive price positioning for this product in consideration of very high quality of German product. I'm happy that in my tank ecosystem it's absolutelly successful investment.

    I'm 100% satisfyed!

    And highly recommend to all to whom this filter is feasible of course according with tech specs.

    Алексан& wrote about EHEIM biopower 240 in 2016:
    Получил этот фильтр в комплекте с аквариумом на 180 литров. Превзошел все ожидания - тихий! очень удобно вынимать и чистить, фильтрует на отлично. Так как у меня травник, убр ...

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  • Saif S. wrote about EHEIM biopower 240 in February 2019:
    Haben Sie ein Ersatzteil für diesen Filter? Ich möchte die Pumpenhalterung. das tpat direkt unter der pumpe, wo sein kopf passt.  Sie finden alle verfügbaren Ersatzteile hier: