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EHEIM Universal Pump 1048

EHEIM Universal Pump 1048

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  • technical data EHEIM Universal Pump 1048:
    - power consumption 230 V/10 W (other voltages on request)
    - Pump head: 1,50 m
    - Pump output: 600 l/h
    - Power cable length: 1,7 m
    - Connector suction side: 12/16 mm
    - Connector pressure side 12/16 mm
    - Dimensions: (length x width x height) 147 x 75 x 118 mm
    - suitable for fresh and marine water
    - for use in/under and outside the water

    The EHEIM Universal Pump 1048 offers a large power spectrum and versatile uses. The pump also features outstanding continuous operation characteristics. The EHEIM Universal Pump 1048 can be use in and under water in fresh and marine water. It can also be used outside the water. The pump has a hermetically sealed motor body. That guarantees maximum safety and a long lifetime. The integrated pre-filter prevents objects from entering the impeller and ensures long performance. The inlet connector is designed for safe hose connection. The pressure connector enables the use of interesting accessories such as installationKit 2. Both connectors can be removed from the pump. Therefore a installation with pvc pipes is possible. The supplied assembly plate enables different assembly options.

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  • Reviews for EHEIM Universal Pump 1048:
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    at 18.02.2016:
    I bought this pump for my cooling system (teko chiller). Because of the low flow of my external filter (eheim ecco pro 200) I made a separate circuit for cooling and for circulation I decided that eheim 1048 was the best choice. The aquarium is located inside the living room so the low working level noise is the most important thing for me.

    I made an order in an e-shop in Greece and because of the unavailability of this part I bought at the same time from the Aquaristik shop. After a month I had in my hand two of these pumps. I had to connect one of the pumps in the cooling circuit and after that the water started to run inside the tank through the chiller.

    The system had running without problems for about two months and then the pump was started to make a mechanical noise. Day after day noise tended to be louder and louder. I tried to clean and lubricate all the parts like propeller but nothing. So finally I put around the pump two leaves insulating foam, and the noise decreased but not disappeared.

    The noise level was enough annoying, so I replaced the pump with the other one. After two months the same happened. Neither the lubrication with the original lubricant spray of eheim, neither the good cleaning of all of the parts of cooling system helped me enough. The noise remains until now.