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JBL Pro Haru Universal Adhesive

JBL Pro Haru Universal Adhesive

JBL Pro Haru Universal Adhesive

bonds all both in and out of water
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 80 ml 12.59 EUR (15.74 €/100 ml) 
 200 ml 23.49 EUR (11.75 €/100 ml) 

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  • JBL Pro Haru is a permanently elastic hardening adhesive and sealant which is polymer-based. It bonds and seals almost all materials to each other both in and out of water (except PE and PP). JBL Pro Haru is suitable for the following applications, amongst others:

    + First aid for leaking aquariums directly under water
    + making aquarium decorations and fixing them in an aquarium
    + fixing corals in a marine aquarium
    + constructing a terrarium from a variety of materials e.g. wood, glass, aluminium, plastic etc.
    + bonds moss and plants when setting up scapes

    JBL Pro Haru Universal Adhesive:
    - strong bonding of glass, metal (aluminium, anodised aluminium), wood, plastic (except of PE and PP), mineral materials (stone, ceramics etc.)
    - after complete hardening, contains no substances toxic to fish or other organisms
    - permanently elastic after hardening
    - practically odourless
    - waterproof and resistant to saltwater
    - smoothes and corrects unevenness and material tension
    - even bonds on damp surfaces and underwater
    - free from silicon, solvents, halogens, acids and isocyanates
    - colourfast, weatherproof and UV-resistant

    suitable in the following package sizes:
    80 ml tube
    200 ml pressurized cartridge

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