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JBL ProFlow t 300

JBL ProFlow t 300

JBL ProFlow t 300

pump output: 300 l/h, height: 0.5m
  15.65 EUR 

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  • Technical Data JBL ProFlow t 300:
    - Power consumption: 230 V/50 Hz 4 W
    - Pump output adjustable: 80-300 l/h
    - delivery height: 0.5 m
    - Connector: pressure side: 12/16 mm
    - Dimensions: (length x width x height) 58 x 34 x 55 mm

    - cable length: 1.65 m with EURO-Plug
    - 4 years warranty

    The small JBL ProFlow t 300 pump is specially designed for applications requiring small dimensions and high performance. These pump is ideally suited, for example, as output pump in clear water chambers of bio-filters in freshwater as well as saltwater. The shallow minimum water depth of 4 cm makes these ideal pumps for aqua terrariums or indoor fountains. Depending on the situation and the available space, the mains cable can be routed horizontally or vertically upwards in a hook on the rear panel of the pump. The JBL ProFlow t 300 pump is fully submersible (IPX8) and tested to TÜV/GS. Three space-saving suction cups ensure sturdy mounting. The pumping capacity can be varied within a wide range, so that it can be adapted to virtually any purpose.

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    at 07.10.2016:
    Diese Pumpe ist für kleinere Becken optimal.
    Preis / Leistung stimmen bei diesem Artikel. Ich kann diese Pumpe sehr empfehlen.