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Juwel Bioflow M 3.0

Juwel Bioflow M 3.0

Juwel Bioflow M 3.0

for aquaria up to 300 l content
  62.90 EUR 

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  • technical data Juwel Bioflow M 3.0:
    + pump: Eccoflow 600
    + Pump output: 600 l/h
    + Filter Volume: 3.50 l
    + Power consumption: 6.5 W
    + cable length: 2.38 m
    + for aquaria up to approx. 300 l
    + min. aquarium height: 42.5 cm
    + Dimensions: 102 x 155 x 417 mm (width x depth x height)
    + complete with filter media !

    The Juwel Bioflow M 3.0 Filter System offers reliable and effective two-stage biological and mechanical filtration, together with great ease of maintenance. The high volume filter ensures low maintenance along with easy access to all the media without having to remove the filter from the aquarium. The pump of the Juwel Bioflow M 3.0 are designed to ensure the effectiveness of the filtration system by supplying an adequate slow flow of water through the filter media. Due to the large volume of filtration material, this flow ensures a highly effective filter, which results in crystal clear water.

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  • Reviews for Juwel Bioflow M 3.0:
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    at 29.12.2015:
    It's a very good filter.
    It easy to install (though, not so easy to remove once installed).
    It's powerful (though, it makes very strong current and it's not easy to reduce it).
    It's silent and easily maintainable.