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Tropic Marin Sea Salt

Tropic Marin Sea Salt

Tropic Marin Sea Salt

Sea salt of the highest quality
Price  (basis price) 
 2 kg for 60 l 8.59 EUR (4.30 €/kg) 
 4 kg for 120 l 13.59 EUR (3.40 €/kg) 
 10 kg for 300 l 32.90 EUR (3.29 €/kg) 
 20 kg for 600 l 56.90 EUR (2.85 €/kg) 
 25 kg for 750 l 69.90 EUR (2.80 €/kg) 

Price including german VAT plus shipping costs

  • Tropic Marin Sea salt is a pure, pharmaceutical grade sea salt containing all trace elements found in natural seawater. Uses for years by scientific laboratories, professionals and hobby aquarists all over the world. With pharmaceutical grade salts, all 70 trace elements of natural seawater, in the exact proportions found in nature. Because of the unique application of the mixed salt crystals, the trace elements remain completely usable in the water. This method prevents the otherwise frequent precipitation of the trace elements. Being free from nitrate, phosphate and other unwanted chemicals.

    Tropic Marin Sea salt provides the ideal enviroment for the care of all marine organisms in the aquarium, including even the most sensitive species.

    Available in these pack sizes:
    2kg for 60 l water
    4 kg for 120 l water
    10 kg for 300 l water
    20 kg for 600 l water
    25 kg for 750 l water

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    at 01.01.2017:
    Benutze das Salz bereits seit längerer Zeit. Das Salz löst sich gut auf (beim Wasserwechsel). Die Fische und die niederen Tiere gedeihen prächtig. Sehr gute Qualität.

    at 06.01.2017:
    Das Meersalz löst sich gut auf. Die Fische und die niederen Tiere gedeihen prächtig. Bisher nur gute Erfahrungen mit diesem Salz.