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sera Nano LED light Clip Lamp

sera Nano LED light Clip Lamp

sera Nano LED light Clip Lamp

dimmable clip lamp for small tanks
  39.95 EUR 

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  • Small LED Lamp (4 W/12 V, steplessly dimmable) with slim reflector for lighting nano aquariums, aqua terrariums, as moon light etc. LED lamp with aluminum reflector for lighting nano aquariums up to 30 cm (12 in.) wide. The 2 pcs. 2 W LED chips are held by bayonet rings, that on the one hand allow for heat emission and at the same time make changing lamps (e.g. for differently colored LED chips) very easy. The plain and ageless reflector suits every aquarium design. It serves as a passive heat conductor and ensures good cooling of the lamps. A transparent insert at the bottom side of the lamp protects against splash water. The lamp is easy to install due to ist clip holder and can be easily directed by a gooseneck. Reflector and gooseneck are in black finish.

    sera Nano LED light Climp lamp
    + 2 x 2 W daylight SMD-LED-Chips
    + easily replaceable LED chips
    + extremely energy saving, long lifetime
    + safe 12 V technology due to electronic ballast
    + stepless dimmable (rotary switch at the housing)
    + can be controlled with the sera LED digital Dimmer
    + clamps up to 12 mm (0.5 in.) material thickness

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  • Reviews for sera Nano LED light Clip Lamp:
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    at 27.06.2016:
    Despite the fact this is an auxiliar LED light this is a little expensive.
    But quite apart of this fact the problem is that it stopped after first day working normally and never works again.
    Which is rather exasperating and definitively throwing the money down to the drain. You have a manufacturer guarantee on this product, do you know?