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FilterMaster OSMOPower 2.0 Complete System

FilterMaster OSMOPower 2. 0 is a professional and complete 3-stage reverse osmosis unit for aquariums.

FilterMaster OSMOPower 2.0 Complete System

FilterMaster OSMOPower 2.0 Complete System

professional, 3-stage system, 190 l/day
  55.95 EUR 

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  • FilterMaster OSMOPower 2.0 is a professional and complete 3-stage reverse osmosis unit for aquariums. The system supplies soft, high-purity water and removes pollutants, hardeners, viruses, bacteria and other undesired substances from tap water - which is essential for the adjustment of species-appropriate water values for freshwater and seawater aqauriums.

    The functional principle is the so-called reverse osmosis:
    The tap water is pushed through a special membrane with ultra-fine pores using the pressure in the domestic water supply pipe. Due to the small size of these pores, only the small water molecules fit through it. However, the bigger pollutant molecules, hardeners and salts are filtered out. Even bacteria and viruses are removed. The result is a very soft, high-purity water.

    FilterMaster OSMOPower 2.0
    + 3-stage compele system
    + 1. Layer: fine filter with 5 m filter structure to keep out suspended solids
    + 2. Layer: activated carbon filter removes pesticides, herbicides and chlorine
    + 3. Layer: special membrane with 0.0001 m. This membrane allows only the small water molecules to pass through. Up to 99% of pollutants, heavy metals, pesticides, salts and even bacteria are filtered out
    + optionally: 4. Layer: the ion exchanger resin removes silicates and nitrates from the water
    + the integrated flush valve increases the lifetime of the membrane

    technical data FilterMaster OSMOPower 2.0:
    max. capacity: 190 litres per day (50 GPD) with a working pressure of 3-6 bar at 10-30C
    ratio osmosis water : residual water 1:4
    flush vetil for long lifetime of the membrane
    very easy to handle
    delivery complete and ready to use
    incl. tap water connector 3/4 inch
    incl. 3m pressure hose and wall brackets
    incl. filter key
    all filters and the membrane are as sparepart separately available

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